The Finch West Light Rail Transit (FWLRT) Project comprises the design, construction and maintenance of a 11.5 km Light Rail Transit (LRT) corridor in Toronto. The LRT corridor will run along the existing Finch Avenue West in an east-west direction between the intersections of Highway 27 and Keele Street, and runs southward along Highway 27 towards the intersection of Humber College Boulevard.

EWE+ General Partnership, the organization in which PG Geotechnical Consultants takes part, was hired to assist the building company during construction phase, developing a new geotechnical parameters interpretation and evaluating different aspects of the Project.

The geotechnical consulting activities developed by PG and EWE+ include the following topics:

  • Geotechnical parameters interpretation.
  • 2D Geomechanical analyses in the proximity of the subway tunnel (TTC) (Plaxis 2D).
  • Dewatering alternative design of Finch Wewst Station using 3D modeling (FeFlow).
  • TTC tunnel settlements estimation due to dewatering using 3D modeling (Plaxis 3D).