During October and November 2018, and after an intense episode of rains, a landslide was triggered in Mercè Rodoreda street, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, causing the appearance of large movements on the ground and in homes.

The landslide was characterized by installing geotechnical and structural monitoring such as inclinometers and periodic field visits.

The geotechnical consulting activities developed by PRO GEO include the following topics:

  • Landslide diagnosis and monitoring by determining its real extension as well as the movements to origin evolution .
  • Historical information analysis.
  • Different geotechnical surveys design and supervison: boreholes, piezometers and inclinometers
  • Geotechnical results interpretation to determine the resistance parameters of the detected units, the water table and the failure surface.
  • Two-dimensional geomechanical modeling with Plaxis 2D for the pile wall retainment solution design.
  • Construction project drafting.
  • Project managment.
  • Movements monitoring and control once the works are completed.