PRO GEO Geotechnical Consultants has a wide experience in tunnels design. We have solved many questions related with NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method), rock shields and EPB tunnelling, as well as cut and cover techniques (slurry walls, ground anchors, etc.).

We have worked in the Toronto YorkSpadina Subway Extension (Canada), in some tunnels in the Spanish High Speed Rail Lines and in Riyadh L3 and L5 underground design and supervision (Saudi Arabia) or the highway Rodoanel Mario Covas (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Furthermore, we have worked in other projects as the underground roadway tunnel at Glories Square (Barcelona, Spain), the connection gallery at Suria mine (Spain) and the redesign of Bouira tunnel (Algeria), apart from other minor designs.

Some of those designs have been carried out in complex urban environments, where not only tunnel lining design but also settlements control and the third parties affections played a major role.

Our approach is always based on a deep knowledge of geomechanical principles and in the use of the most advanced design techniques.

PRO GEO Geotechnical Consultants is member of the British Geotechnical Association (BGA) as well as of the British Tunneling Society (BTS).